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Creative Studio Space

setting the scene.

Utilize our space to expand your brand. Le Home is a perfect spot to capture anything & everything you might need for your business.

Ad agency work, marketing campaigns, product shots, photoshoots, portfolio pieces, & anything else you need to advance your brand or your clients.

Check out our venue & see if Le Home is your next creative destination.

Traditional & Clean Kitchen

A fresh-start kitchen featuring all the fixin's of your standard heart of the home. Plus great lighting & a space that's not too open and not too closed.


Outdoor Scenes & Country Landscapes

Green grounds and an array of trees paired with a quaint koi pond, large porches, a brick farmhouse, rolling fields, & nearby barns.


Gathering Great Room & Bar Scene

A wonderful room full of so many opportunities. A dining table fit to gather, a living room for conversation, a stand-out fireplace for styling, a bar for serving, & reading nook for snoozing. Enjoy great lighting & a large space fit for anything you might need.


Moody Parlor

If you are seeking a small space full of pizazz, moody lighting, & unique details, this is for you.


Specially Designed Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Discover each of our uniquely styled bedrooms & bathrooms full of striking wallpapers, main character beds, accent fireplaces, delicate details, victorian furniture, antique mirrors, shining chandeliers, and so much more.


Creative Studio Space Pricing


$40 per hour

Duration: 1+ hours

Full access to indoor/outdoor spaces & decor props.

Weekend (preferably Sunday)

$60 per hour

Duration: 1+ hours

Full access to indoor/outdoor spaces & decor props.

Saturday is open to outdoor shoots only, unless the whole house stay rental is not booked 1 week prior to your preferred Saturday.


  • Must let us know how many people are expected & what spaces you are looking to shoot in.

  • If a SATURDAY INDOOR shoot is preferred, set that date aside in your calender and we can let you know if that day is open 1 week prior to your preferred Saturday.

  • Can use our decor as props with permission from Le Home caretaker.

  • Our rental furniture can be utilized for shoots outdoors & indoors with an extra fee for the entire shoot duration.

  • Decor props must be placed back where they where found.

  • If kitchen is utilized, surfaces must be cleaned off.

  • Le Home caretaker will be there to let you in but might not remain, please turn off all lights when exiting.

  • Permission to use 2-4 images for our website & socials with photo credit. Or permission to take a photo or video on the behind the scenes.

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