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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, please inquire at our email or at our contact page.

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What are the check in & check out times?

Check-in is at 4pm and check-out is at 11am. Reach out if you have any questions, we can try to accommodate your needs, schedule permitting.

What time is breakfast served?

We will contact you prior to your stay to understand your schedule & the purpose of your stay. From there, and with other guest's schedules, we will come up with the best time to serve breakfast for everyone. We hate going places and missing our continental breakfast time, this way we make our breakfast service around your schedule so you can sleep at your leisure. Plus, it keeps the breakfast extra fresh. We will contact you before your stay and let you know of the breakfast time upon arrival.

Are pets allowed?

No, unfortunately. Due to allergies & damage, we do not allow any type of pet at Le Home. Unless you have a disability and need the assistance of your service animal.

Will other people be staying with us?

If you are only renting out one room there is a possibility other rooms have been rented out by other guests. If you have rented out the whole house, your party gets the home to themselves. Prices differ & options are shown when booking.

Does each bedroom have it's own attached bathroom?

Our only room with its own attached bathroom is our Mayfair suite. Our other rooms share a bathroom with one other room. They are not attached but we do offer robes & bathroom caddies to get you to and from your room with ease. We ask that you don't leave your items in the bathroom and keep it clean for the other guests. Utilize our locks, "occupied" signs, and vintage vanities for privacy. Each room sharing a bathroom has its own vanity so you don't have to put your makeup or skincare on in the bathroom. Also, depending on occupancy, you might not share a bathroom, the other room could be vacant at the time of your stay.

I want to stay in the Mayfair suite to avoid sharing bathrooms with others but it's booked. What can I do?

We understand this situation completely. Unfortunately how the house was constructed doesn't allow for the necessary private bathrooms. Please note we took it upon our guest's best interests to implement privacy locks, signs, a personal in-room vanity, robes, bathroom caddies, and sign-up sheet to make the bathroom situation easy breezy! Plus, we do offer an extra bathroom off the kitchen in situations that need to be addressed asap! ;)

What if we want to rent out the whole house but people already booked a room for the Bed & Breakfast experience?

As we begin our journey with Le Home, we understand this might become an issue but we hope you bear with us as we trial run our booking. Other rooms might be open for booking and we hope you take advantage of our Bed & Breakfast experience and enjoy it with your loved ones while meeting new people!

Why isn't there a TV in my room?

While there isn't one in the bedroom, we do have one in our Great Room. Log into your streaming services or use our HULU live. If you want to be cozy in your own room, we do offer wifi, so go ahead and bring along your laptop and pop Netflix on in the comfort of your room!

Is breakfast offered to guests that are renting out the whole house?

Our price does not include breakfast, since you have the place to yourself you may utilize our kitchen. Our 24/7 snack bar is still in effect but we don't want to intrude on your space to make breakfast. If you wish to have breakfast provided, no problem! It will be $8.50 a head per day and served at the time you wish! 

What are the rules for alcohol & smoking? 

Alcohol is permitted if brought & served by guests 21+. We ask that you drink responsibly & treat your surroundings with care. Smoking is not permitted inside or within 30 feet of our home. We offer designated smoking spaces outside.

Is there a quiet time?

Quiet time is 11 pm. All we ask is that the music is turned down and voices are lowered. The party doesn't have to end! We just ask to be weary of our neighbors.

What is the cancellation policy for booked stays?

When you book, Le Home takes a 50% deposit. If you cancel 14 days BEFORE your stay, you will get your deposit refunded minus the processing fee and will not have to pay the reservation. If you cancel WITHIN the 14 days before your stay, you are responsible for the entire cost of your reservation, unless the room(s) rebook. If rooms do rebook, you will be refunded the difference, minus a $25 cancellation fee. Your card on file will be charged in full. 

What is the occupancy for events?

Indoors = 45-50 and outdoors ~60. Hoping to expand outdoor occupancy in the future.

How much is it to book an event?

Since every event is different, pricing is dependent on if you purchase any of our add-on packages, weekday vs. weekend,  & any special circumstances. Please inquire to learn more.

What type of events can be held?

Anything within the standards of our occupancy level! Bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, family reunion, graduation party, send off party, business community event, fundraiser, holiday party, retreats, dinner party, themed parties, classes, craft events, anything you can think of! 

How do rentals work?

Dependent on if you purchased our event coordinator add-on package, the event coordinator would set up & tear down. If you just purchased rentals, then they would be set out in their containers in the Great Room prior to your event for you to set-up. All china & goblets must be emptied and food remnants disposed of before being placed back into their containers at the end of the event. Any furniture and linens must be cleared off of. Le Home will do the cleaning. 

What is the cancellation policy for booked events?

Le Home will take a 50% deposit upon booking. If you cancel 25 days BEFORE your event, your deposit will be refunded minus the processing fee and you will not have to pay the full event price. If you cancel WITHIN the 25 days before your event, you are responsible for the entire cost of your event. Your card on file will be charged in full. 

What can the creative studio space be used for?

Any way necessary to expand your brand! Use our spaces for photoshoots, videography, ad agency work, styled shoots for florals, photography, fashion, & more.

What are the rules for renting out the creative studio space?

Since most of our items are very old & antique, we ask that you handle everything with extra care and ask before moving anything substantial. Please leave the place as you found it and don't be shy about asking for things you might need.

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