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we are Le Home.

The owners Elizabeth and Laura getting ready on Elizabeth's wedding day.
A local mother-daughter duo born to design & host together.

Dear friendly visitors,


Hello! Our names are Laura and Elizabeth, and we are so happy you are here & welcome you to Le Home. 

Built in the 1800s, this brick Ionia farmhouse has been a space of reprieve for many happy families from every walk of life. With layers of wallpaper that tell a story, hardwoods that show its age, renovations that tell us of growth and prosperity, and trees that have stood as long as the house itself. We saw its history and how loved it truly is, and couldn't help but recognize its potential. 


As admirers of old homes, antiques, traditional architecture, big trees, & and rolling fields, 1275 Jefferson was always a house we appreciated from afar. So when the time came, we felt it. And we knew we were the perfect people to transform this home while sticking to its roots.

The magic of the property can truly speak to many like it did for us all those years as we drove past it again and again. And that's why we intend to share it. Share it with our neighbors seeking celebration, creatives pursuing ideas, travelers seeking solace, and couples chasing beauty and commemoration. At Le Home, we are not just a bed & breakfast, an intimate venue, or a studio space. We are a home, where anything that symbolizes love, togetherness, celebration, creativity, and comfort is welcomed and amplified.

We chose our name with hopes of it being rather simplistic but also sentimental.  “Le Home” means “The Home” in French, paying homage to the vintage French aesthetic from which we draw our design, but with a special detail of our initials being L & E. 

We hope you see what we see when we look upon Le Home, and we hope it brings you happiness, inspiration, & peace. 

Stop by soon, 

Laura &

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